The APEXai Mobile CCTV POD is perfect for any organization that needs to monitor the movements of people or objects in a specific location. It is rapidly deployed and easy to use. There are 5 pillars to the APEXai POD, which make it a new and very sophisticated crime prevention system.

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Rapid Deployment

What are the benefits in rapid deployment? There are many benefits to rapid deployment. Time taken to deploy is one of the biggest advantages. The POD can be up and running in 45 minutes, making it perfect for organizations that need to rapidly deploy monitoring solutions to sporting events, construction sites, farmers’ markets, and the like. The rapid deployment in itself has numerous benefits, which include:

– Reduced time to deploy security cameras

– Rapidly adapt to changing security needs

– Increased service delivery and flexibility from security service providers

How it works, the legs or stabilizers are extended and the wheels underneath are dropped. The unit then lowers itself and the telescopic mast can be extended to 15m for a birds-eye view of the coverage area.

Vandal Resistant

The POD is designed to be vandal resistant. The cameras are protected by durable housing that can withstand impacts and harsh weather. Using the telescopic mast, you can raise the APEXai Mobile CCTV CAMERA POD 15m above ground. This makes it perfect for capturing clear images of people or objects from up high. The POD is also equipped with a tracking system that can automatically pan and zoom for cameras to ” patrol” a desired operational footprint. This makes the POD ideal for locations where various situations could damage other types of security cameras.

Autonomous Power

The POD is autonomous, meaning it does not require a power source. The POD uses solar panels to generate power which is stored in a bank of deep-cycle batteries. The POD can store up to 5 days of power. This is more than enough to keep the APEXai CCTV POD running. With an added benefit of being environmentally friendly. These features make the POD perfect for locations where there is no power or where a power source is unreliable ensuring that CCTV monitoring can still be deployed to protect people and property.


Tracking Technology

The APEXai CCTV POD also features tracking technology. The hi res day-night cameras are equipped with a tracking system that can automatically pan and zoom the cameras to track moving objects. This makes the APEXai CCTV POD ideal for locations where fixed security cameras become cumbersome to install. The APEXai tracking system can also be used to monitor the movements of people or objects. This makes the APEXai Mobile CCTV POD perfect for businesses that need to track the movements of employees, customers, or assets.

Remote Monitoring

The APEXai CCTV Pod can be monitored remotely or designated recipients can live in realtime, via telegram to receive notifications to their mobile phones of events unfolding. The POD is equipped with an onboard computer and a 4G modem. This allows you to connect the APEXai Mobile CCTV POD to the internet and monitor the cameras from anywhere in the world. The onboard computer also allows you to store footage locally. This is perfect for organizations that need to keep CCTV footage for a period of time. Export footage remotely or connect a USB drive to the POD to download images.

Benefits of APEXai CCTV Pod

– rapid deployment

– tracking technology

– vandal resistant

– autonomous power

– remote monitoring

Deployment scenario

A large construction company is developing in the area. The APEXai CCTV POD is deployed to provide saftey and security on a 24/7 basis to the site. On the remote monitoring dashboard, the operator receives a notification of unauthorized persons on the site. The pan and zoom tracking system is used to monitor the movements of people. Providing rehearsal-time information to waiting security staff. By using the APEXai Mobile CCTV Pod it allows for pinpoint deployment security staff, reducing the amount of time it takes to search for and apprehend criminals.

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